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About Me

My Story

I’m Beth Clerke and I’m a Yogi.

I first started yoga to help alleviate the physical pain I experienced daily from having a misshapen right foot. I was put on a very long waitlist for surgery and in the meantime, the surgeon recommended I try yoga to help correct my alignment and in turn hopefully assist with the pain. Little did I know yoga would not only alleviate my pain – it would completely transform my life.

I had struggled with depression, anxiety and addiction before yoga - my mind was my worst enemy. Fast forward to the present day and I no longer have depression or anxiety and I’m two years clean and sober. As someone who has spent all of their lives uncomfortable in their own skin, it was such a beautiful gift to feel at home in my own body. That’s what it does, it helps you find your way home because all the answers we seek are almost always inside of us.

I read a few books and watched a few videos, then I bought a mat and began to start teaching myself on my own at home. I started my journey as a self-taught yogi, I practised every day and I honestly haven’t stopped since then! After 6 months of daily yoga, I knew I was meant to be a yoga teacher, so I enrolled in Power Living Australia’s Teacher Training and 200 hours / 12 weeks later I was a Certified Yoga Teacher.

I want to be the teacher I never had and I hope to help people develop their own personal practice to take with them through life. I teach Vinyasa and Yin yoga and my style of teaching honours the traditional philosophies of yoga. Yoga is first and foremost a spiritual practice, the mind, body and spirit are all connected. Sure, the asana is great for the body and if your goals are solely aesthetic it will serve you well, but the real work and transformation is done in the mind. Yoga is essentially mind training, training to liberate ourselves from the tyranny of our minds.

The first sutra is Atha Yoganusasanam, translated this means “Yoga starts now”, contact me to begin your transformation today. 

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